The instructors were excellent! They make getting up early on Saturday's so much better.
C.A.P. Stone Graduate

This course prepared me for my future as a dental assistant and the possibility of advancing in the dental field. The instructors were easy to follow & understand.

C.A.P. Stone Graduate

Loved every week of this program! Not only did I learn, but I made friends who I plan on having and growing with for a long time. The instructors are very caring and sincerely care about you learning!
C.A.P. Stone Graduate

I greatly enjoyed being a part of this course. It was more than I expected due to the very helpful instructors. I've already recommended the program to others!

C.A.P. Stone Graduate

I am so very glad I stumbled upon your program, and I am so grateful for each of you. I have had a wonderful experience with you all. I can honestly say that your program is the best one Alabama has to offer. I have a friend that graduated from a similar program and she not only doesn't have a job in the dental field, she didn't have any nice things to say about the course or instructors. That made my decision to apply for your program much easier. Please give an extra thank you to Dr. Pruitt for being so patient and helpful with all of us during our clinicals. He took his time with us and didn't make us feel rushed or nervous about assisting him! Thank you!!!!!!

C.A.P. Stone Graduate

My learning experience with Dr. Pruitt and his staff was remarkable. I knew utterly nothing about assisting but in a few short months I was a chair-side Dental Assistant.  His teaching techniques allowed me to further advance my career to later becoming a dental hygienist.  I would highly recommend this program.

Candice McKelvey, R.D.H.

The instructors were excellent! I really understood the material because they made it fun and exciting. I love the course, it seemed to fly by! The hands-on time we received in class actually helped me a lot!

C.A.P. Stone Graduate

Having worked with Dr. Pruitt and his staff in the C.A.P. Stone Professional Building for over 18 years, I can certainly attest to his success. His ability to teach and mold individuals into highly trained, integral employees within a dental practice is to be commended. I have watched and observed him teach and educate individuals with zero dental experience and help to move them upward to  jobs ranging from Dental Assistant, Dental Hygiene, Dental Receptionist all the way up the ladder to being highly skilled and compensated Office Managers.  If you are looking to enter the dental field, this program should be, without a doubt,  your first stepping stone.

Dr. Joseph C. Schilleci, D.M.D.

If you’re looking for a great and fast program, this is it! Both instructors were very informative and helpful, and the course was packed full of information. I strongly suggest C.A.P. Stone Dental Assisting Program to anyone looking to become a Dental Assistant.

C.A.P. Stone Graduate

I enjoyed the course very much! I definitely feel so much more comfortable doing into the dental field thanks to my amazing instructors! Also, being able to intern made me so much more confident with the career I've chosen, and it helped so much!

C.A.P. Stone Graduate

Dr. Pruitt has not only excelled but mastered the educational programs at DentaSpa Seminars. In our academy organization, the International Academy of Facial Aesthetics, he serves as a great example and consultant for other practitioners looking to implement different concepts in dentistry. What makes Dr. Pruitt an excellent educator is that he masters the art of implementation. Dr. Pruitt is a true facial aesthetics professional, dedicating years of study, teaching, continuing education, and experience for his highly sought after rejuvenating and smile makeover treatments. Many can learn various topics but fail at the implementation process. Dr. Pruitt has mastered the art of implementation and is able to hand this down to others to also help them with their overall success. Dr. Pruitt's success, teaching methods, current educational resources and his top notch C.A.P. Stone teaching facility makes his Program, by far, the best around. Dr. Pruitt is known for providing valuable and quality education certification. His Program is  always taught in an excellent setting designed for students to learn, by experienced dental clinicians, and all at an incredible value. I fully endorse the C.A.P. Stone Dental Assisting Program.

Ana Delgado
DentaSpa Seminars President
Co-Founder of the International Academy of Facial Aesthetics.

The course was great! I thought the instructors had good attitudes and could teach at a level that we all understood. They were extremely willing to help in anyway they could! This class helped me to be great at every aspect of the field.

C.A.P. Stone Graduate

When I started with Dr. Pruitt, I had no experience being a Dental Assistant.  With his help and the help of his staff I was trained very quickly in a few short months and continued to work with him for four years.  Dr. Pruitt and his staff have a remarkable knowledge and are the best teachers I have ever had.  I would highly recommend this program.

Annette Plaia

This course is helpful, especially to those who seek a new career path. The instructors were great! I also really appreciated Dr. Pruitt taking the time to give us some very valuable information about what to expect during our careers in the dental field.

C.A.P. Stone Graduate

Dr. Pruitt and his staff trained me in many aspects of Dentistry including Zoom Whitening, assisting the Doctors and assisting the front desk area of the practice. Through the guidance and training I received at the C.A.P. Stone Building, I have taken my training and education to the next level and am currently applying for admission to dental school to become a Dentist.  I would highly recommend the C.A.P. Stone Dental Assisting Program under the oversight of Kristye and Dr. Pruitt.

Ashley Hadley

It is a fantastic course that I would recommend to anyone thinking about it. Small class sizes so you get a lot of hand-on training!

C.A.P. Stone Graduate

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