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C.A.P. Stone Dental Assisting Program

Thank you for your interest in the C.A.P. Stone Dental Assisting Program. We appreciate your consideration in our program. Dental Assisting is one of the top careers in healthcare that does not require a college degree. We train Dental Assisting students for a potential career in teaching the basic fundamentals of Dental Assisting through coursework and clinical procedures. In fact, with our training program, individuals with no prior experience in the dental field can launch their career in under 3 months. We realize that there are many Dental Assisting programs in the area with some being taught in a classroom setting only, using outdated materials, so students do not always get the real life experience required to be a Dental Assistant. Our program is taught in a 6000 square foot, 9 restorative, surgical and hygiene operatory dental practice by dental professionals who treat patients on a daily basis by using state-of-the-art equipment. Our program teaches modern dental assisting from the most current and up to date materials, not textbooks that are five years old and outdated. We are designed to give students as much “hands-on” training as possible, working with real-live patients instead of only mannequins.

Only 8 Saturdays

Through this program, you can obtain your Certificate in Dental Assisting in as little as 8 Saturdays. Many programs cost well over $5,000 and last between 3 months to as long as two years and teach on subjects that are not relevant to a career in dental assisting. This program style tends to prolong your educational time as well as increase your educational cost. One critical aspect of dentistry is that time is valuable, and we do not wish to waste it. Through this program, students will be taught the necessary materials needed to excel and prosper in their Dental Assisting careers. You will be taught by staff that are experienced and knowledgeable about dentistry and are willing to answer any questions and to help our students succeed.

Rewarding Career Opportunity

Dental Assisting can be a satisfying life-long career, or it can serve as a stepping stone for advancement to more highly skilled and higher paying jobs within the dental field. This program will prepare you for a rewarding career through stimulating, hands-on, fast-paced teaching. Helping others to maintain and improve their dental health is very rewarding experience. You will have the opportunity to learn about this exciting potential career and to make new friends. Please be assured that no two days will be the same. Every day is a new adventure, and you can have the opportunity to take advantage of it.



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