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During his years in practice, he has personally trained or directly overseen the training of hundreds of Dental Assistants. Several have gone on to become Dental Hygienists, Dental Office Managers or Dental Sales Representatives. He has also personally educated and mentored dozens of future Doctors at the C.A.P. Stone Building through mentoring programs he has overseen. Dr. Pruitt has worked with and taught several present day Dentists using techniques that he has perfected over the years. His teaching of Doctors extends beyond Alabama and reaches into Guatemala and Nicaragua where he volunteers to provide surgical care to the impoverished in these countries and also provides direct instruction and training to Dentists and assistants, teaching current oral and maxillofacial surgical techniques currently used in the United States.

As Chief Operating Officer & Clinical Consultant for the C.A.P. Stone Dental Assisting Program, Dr. Pruitt brings together an incredible team of experienced and highly regarded Office Managers, Office Receptionists, Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants to teach and educate those wanting to be proficient in all aspects of Dental Assisting. Dr. Pruitt is highly committed to dental education and has personally trained and received degrees, diplomas, certifications, memberships and
fellowships in Alabama, New York, Las Vegas and Miami.

abAinslee Boswell, D.A. - Education Course Director

Ainslee Boswell started out as a Nationally Registered EMT in Alabama and then decided to channel her compassion for others by entering the dental field, where she has been since 2011.

She graduated from a dental assisting program very similar to the C.A.P Stone Dental Assisting Program and then began her career at Vestavia Family Dentistry & Facial Aesthetics. Because of this, Ainslee has a unique perspective to offer the students, having been in their shoes before. Ainslee works in multiple capacities within Vestavia Family Dentistry & Facial Aesthetics, having a vast knowledge of the inner workings of both the clinical and business side of Dentistry.

Ainslee is known for her warm personality, her willingness to listen and problem-solve and her kind words of advice. She strives to ensure students become knowledgeable and succeed in their education.

Her skill & expertise in dentistry, years of experience and her ability to teach in a very relatable and understandable manner to those she educates makes her the ideal Course Director for the C.A.P. Stone Dental Assisting Program

** Participating Faculty will vary depending on course dates. **

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Jessica Robertson, C.D.A.

Jessica Robertson graduated from C.A.P. Stone Dental Assisting Program in 2017.  Since that time, she has practiced dental assisting and currently works at Vestavia Family Dentistry.  Jessica became a Certified Dental Assistant through the Dental Assisting National Board in 2020. She is further  pursuing her Dental Hygiene License, through the Alabama Dental Hygiene Program in Summer 2021. Jessica brings the unique ability to identify with students and help them in a multitude of ways throughout the entirety of the program. 

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Maclin Perigo, D.A.

Maclin Perigo graduated from C.A.P. Stone Dental Assisting Program in 2020. She has since been employed with Vestavia Family Dentistry as a Dental Assistant. She is dedicated to helping all students succeed with various aspects within the dental field.


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